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Sports Massage and Sports Therapy Reviews by Our Clients


Very professional and intelligent physio. He has great people skills too so the sessions are not just laying there silently. He helped me out with an injury I picked up while playing American Football and has been working wonders in getting me back to 100%. He doesn't just tell you to get another session unless he feels like you definitely need it, he tries to get you healthy again as fast as possible and that's why I would definitely recommend him.

Birkan Parlar - London Blitz AFC Elite

Intense Half Hour

It was a very intense half hour and I felt she was swift and very good at isolating the issues in the muscle. I do however feel like I’ll need more than one session as half an hour I felt had her rushing to achieve what I wanted as a client. That being said it was still a great effort and I am grateful for it.

Knowledgeable and Professional

Hadija is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I started seeing her after recovering from a herniated lumbar disc injury. I have been getting massages for 1.5 years on a regular basis and she has massively improved any tightness, knots and as a result i am happier, more relaxed and in less pain. I am so glad i met her!

Katie Graham

Great at Tailoring Treatment

As an athlete it's tempting to deprioritise soft tissue treatment in favour of more training, but I can guarantee that a massage with Rupert has a more positive effect on my performance than any training session. Rupert is also great at tailoring treatment to expedite recovery and support injury prevention, so I make sure to book a massage after every race.

Nikki Emerson - Elite athlete - Paralympic-T53

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